Gouffre de Loule

Grotte de Foissac

Gouffre de Loule


This activity will allow you to discover the undergound world. a38ed0_a98959d540564d6db5e4af3c206f5905 For a few hours you will be completely disconnected from the outside world. Our guids will be pleased to bring you, completely safely, down in different caves, and tell you about its history and creation.a38ed0_f507c3151397415c9010b95a75e23727 Caving is a sport, but also an activity for curious people, interested in their environment and looking for new sensations. This activity lasts for half a day with a 40 min drive to the location.

With instructor

Depending on your envies and motivations we can propose you different caves, from discovery (7 years and older) to improvement.


Suits, helmets, lights and harnesses are provided.

To provide on your own: Old clothes and closed shoes.





per person