Discover Paintball

Animated games with various scenes


Paintball is a sport opposing two teams. Each player wears a protection mask and launchers (or markers).


Animated games with various scenes 

The major goal of each scenario is to catch the flag in the middle of the field, without getting touched by the opponents. Each player has his own marker launching paint balls to eliminate the other team. When a player is hit, whatever the body part or the material, he is eliminated. A game lasts about 10 min and all the players are back at the game during the next scene.


Open from april to october, on reservation only.

Groups of 6 people and more can hold a paintball game.

In July and August, individuals can come together on tuedays mornings for kids (8 years and older), and on thurdays mornings for adults (12 years and older). Meeting point at 9.30 am at the reception of the sporting Base.

A minimum amount of persons is required.

Provided equipment

Launchers, protection masks, neck covers, and breast plates for the girls.

Don’t forget to take:

Long clothing, closed shoes


8 to 11 years


per person

12 years & over


per person

Reload 100 balls